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Giving Others the Opportunity to Realise Their Full Potential

Every 3 years we select the 3 charities (one local, one national and one international) that we are really passionate about to provide funding and pro-bono support for. Our giving focus is on working with NGOs that make a significant difference to vulnerable and marginalised people, particularly those whose aims are aligned with our mission: Helping others to,

“….tear up their life-limiting scripts and achieve their full potential.”

They also deliver a range of projects that we have been able to support and engage in in very practical ways. Our team have been able to provide training, coaching, consultancy and promotional support for all of our chosen charities: Act4Africa, The Message Trust and Sanctuary for Veterans, both in the UK and in East Africa.

We purposefully choose relatively small and lean organisations that aren’t tied up in political or bureaucratic processes, don’t have a high marketing and advertising spend and who ensure that over 80% of our donation is spent on making a significant and lasting difference to organisations that have the capacity to change lives for good. We love working with those who have a true belief that every life counts and are focused on giving people a hand up and not a hand out.

To find out more about our charity partners, click on the links below:

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Click Here to Find Out More About Act4Africa

Morgan James' relationship with Act4Africa....

Act4Africa is a UK based charity that Morgan James was asked to get involved with from day one, when its mission to deliver AIDS Prevention and Behavioural Change Programmes in Sub-Saharan Africa was just a concept.  Hearing the stories of the charity’s founders, Martin and Kathy Smedley, and their experiences of working with those whose lives have been blighted by HIV really touched us. As Patrick, the charity’s manager in Uganda tells us, “

“AIDS is not a philosophical debate or a WHO statistic. It lives here. It is the cancer of the developing world and we fight its spread and destructive impact every day.”

With over 12 million AIDS orphans across the region (that’s more than every single school aged child in the UK standing at the school gates today, without a single parent or carer arriving to pick them up because every one of them has been obliterated by AIDS) we felt we had to do something to help arrest the spread of an entirely senseless disease. To that end we’ve:

  • Delivered team build and leadership events to prepare UK teams for expeditions and help the charity’s indigenous teams to develop their skills
  • Held fundraising events (including a coast to coast bike ride and a 3 peaks challenge) to raise funds for their work
  • Written, directed, produced and funded promotional films for the charity, made on location in Uganda, to enable the local staff and those that are affected by HIV to tell their stories.

Check out the short films below.

For us it’s a stunning charity led by an inspirational couple who don’t believe that they are doing anything out of the ordinary. Since the idea of using performance arts and sport, combined with culturally relevant teaching materials to change the path of the lives of African students was planted in 2001, over 1.6 million young people have been through comprehensive AIDS education programmes. At the Voluntary Counselling and Testing Clinics that the charity run in tribal areas of East Africa, HIV rates have tumbled because of the impact of their work. Thousands of lives will have been saved at the cost of just £10 per head. If you want to find out more about their work, please click on the link below.


The Message Trust Logo
The Message Trust

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Sanctuary for Veterans

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