It’s All About Communication

“Communication let me down,” sang Spandau Ballet in the 1980s and it’s the most common complaint that we hear from the teams and leaders that we work with. You may have a great vision, an excellent strategy and an even better product or service to sell, but how do you engage with your people and connect with your audiences effectively? How do you get them to buy into your deep intent and feel as passionate about your business as you do?

Executive Coaching Programmes

Leaders get the teams they deserve so if yours isn’t performing at the level you’d hope for then we start by working with you and your ability to communicate effectively and connect with them on 3 levels: strategically, motivationally and behaviourally.

After completing a detailed diagnostic of your development needs (which may include a 360° feedback assessment and psychometric profiling) we’ll work with you to help you to become the leader you really want to be through our executive coaching programmes. Click on the link here to find out more.

What our clients say....

“After receiving some challenging 360 degree feedback from colleagues and peers I wanted to become a better leader - a lofty and ambiguous target. My subsequent development work with Morgan James took me through the most challenging, relevant, and tailored training I have ever received with great results. The changes I wanted to solicit in my team all began with me and how I communicate with them The programme has given me greater self-awareness and an ability to really connect with my people. If you are not willing to really challenge yourself, don't bother.  If you truly want to change, you will not only learn a lot about your untapped potential but you'll have fun doing it too.”

Michael Walsh, Director, Anglo Recycling.

Presentation Skills

Research shows that delivering presentations and speeches evoke more fear than cancer and death in the hearts of many. Do you need to make a speech at the AGM, deliver a product launch, chair team meetings and communicate more effectively to get the best out of your team? We’re here to help you to connect with your people and give you the confidence to deliver talks that captivate your audiences and ensure that your presentations are truly memorable – for all the right reasons.

Find out about our presentation skills workshops here.

What our clients say....

“Working with Lily was a breath of fresh air. She has an amazing talent for connecting with each person in a group and recognising their respective needs. Lily gave me the tools to structure my presentations and connect with my audiences which had a huge impact on the way I deliver my motivational talks. Very impressive and highly recommended.”

Sean Rose, Speaker - Frontline/Fieri Motivational Talks, Winter Paralympian , World Champion

The meaning of your communication is the response you get.

Gregory Bateson