Delivering Engaging Speeches and Presentations


A poll by Mori recently unveiled that most business executives and managers fear, ‘speaking in public’ more than cancer and death! If your mouth goes dry and your palms sweat at the very thought of standing up and speaking in front of colleagues or clients, then our bespoke presentation skill workshops are exactly what you need to build your confidence and help you to flourish as an effective communicator.

Learn how to deliver engaging presentations to any audience with confidence and style – and avoid ‘hiding behind your visual aids’ or delivering ‘Death by PowerPoint.’

What will you learn?

The objectives of this workshop will be developed around your specific requirements but may include:

  • To build your confidence as a communicator.
  • To increase awareness of your own strengths and reduce your limitations as an effective presenter.
  • To develop your ability to plan, prepare and execute effective presentations.
  • To help you to utilise some “tricks of the trade” to engage with your audience and create a positive impact.
  • To improve both your verbal and non-verbal communication skills.
  • To enable you to stay calm and relaxed during the delivery of presentations using NLP techniques.
  • To create a learning environment that is both stimulating and good fun!


Whether you have to make a speech at the AGM, chair team meetings, or deliver a humorous and engaging speech at a corporate dinner, this workshop will give you the confidence to deliver talks that captivate your audience and ensure that your presentations are truly memorable – for all the right reasons!

What our clients say....

“I used to hate giving interviews and speeches but it’s become an increasing part of my job as an ambassador, both for yacht racing and my sponsor, Hugo Boss. Lily has made the learning process fun. She’s really helped me to overcome my nerves and tell my stories without losing who I really am. I can genuinely say that I now enjoy media interviews and standing in front of an audience.  Lily is brilliant to work with. No matter how much you hate public speaking, she'll help you to structure engaging talks, find your inner presenter  and get rid of the nerves. Well worth the investment!”

Alex Thomson, Around the World Yachtsman, AT Racing

“The quality of the training was very high and Lily was a pleasure to learn from and her enthusiasm and encouragement is infectious. She made me feel at ease and I felt she made sure every individual was involved. After the training I feel much more confident about delivering a presentation and also discovered ways I could make the company presentation more personal to me.”

Emma Dolan, MC Construction

“I attended the “Taking The Fear Out of Public Speaking” workshop in the hope that I would consolidate what I already knew and learn some new things to help me deliver presentations. I took away so much more than that! Lily is a fabulous communicator and I collected so many new tricks and tips to add to my tool box. I came away feeling confident, empowered and energised to do better. Thank you Lily!”

Laura Brett, Press Red

All the great speakers were bad speakers at first.

Ralph Waldo Emerson