Client Testimonials

We always strive to deliver the best, but don’t take our word for it. Here’s what a few of our clients say about our ability to help them really deliver:

High Growth Business Interventions

“Being part of Growth Springboard for the past 3 years has provided me with ideas, inspiration, guidance and challenge that has been integral to the growth of my business and my own personal leadership development. It provides an ideal mix of structured peer-to-peer accountability, and the variety of introducing innovative ideas and business concepts. This is all delivered through high quality content, independent speakers, engaging group tasks and a culture of openness and candid feedback from the group – a must for any business leader.”

Richard Wilde, Managing Director, Milexa Group

“Attending the Strategic Leadership Programme run by Morgan James Consulting has given me the tools and inspiration to equip me to make a real impact on my company. Whether you are newly appointed director or an MD who is looking for a fresh perspective, I would highly recommend this programme!”

Michelle Haliwell, Managing Director, Colour In Media

“I thoroughly enjoyed Lily’s ‘breaking the habit of being you’ masterclass at the North West Women’s Conference. She has a unique approach to engaging everyone in thinking about behavioural change using sound psychological theory – and lots of humour!”

Dr Iyabo Fatimilehin, Director, Just Psychology CIC

"I want to personally thank you and Morgan James for assisting our business in current and future strategic planning activities.Your personal business insight is refreshing, extremely candid, and inspiring. I really appreciate it when a consultancy can guide us down a path we never saw before. Your passion for what you do is obvious in every call, meeting and email. I feel like you are one of the most important parts of the team and that makes all the difference.

"You were able to quickly grasp our market space, sales challenges and leadership obstacles to efficiently help us evaluate our sales and marketing practices and lay the foundation for rapid growth. Lily has dynamic teaching skills and very strong interpersonal communication skills and is a highly ethical individual. I highly recommend you give Lily and her team the opportunity to evaluate your business and offer a personalised strategic solution meet your needs."

Sean Egan, Managing Director, The DES Group

Communication Coaching

“I would never have dreamed that spending such a short amount of time with one other human being could absolutely change my life for the better - forever! Lily was able to bring me out of my fears, structure my information in a way I could present it clearly – fearlessly – with the brilliance and shine once thought only reserved for the well-oiled professional. Lily brought me up to speed, polished me and reinforced techniques that made me realize I really was going to be okay with my nemesis – public speaking. Her total belief in me gave me the courage to be who I was all along. Thank you Lily!!”

Michelle Rathore, International Bestselling Author

“… every one of our ten wounded servicemen was able to deliver a first class, engaging presentation as a result of the support and coaching provided by Morgan James. Many of them stood and delivered in front of a packed audience at Lancashire Cricket Ground as a result of it, and the feedback was fantastic. These are men who are world class at sport but had little confidence or experience of talking in front of large crowds. Lily’s helped them to change their self- perception, challenged them to be the best and has given them the tools to deliver.”

Captain Martin Hewitt, The Frontline Project and BBC’s Harry’s Mountain Heroes

“I was petrol bombed whilst on active duty in Basra, Iraq and, as a result, picked up some significant burns and scars. To say that I’ve not had much confidence as a result is an understatement. But spending time with people in the same situation as me and learning how to deliver a presentation in front of a live business audience has been an eye opening experience. Lily has given me the confidence to tell my story, deliver professional speeches and has shown me to new opportunities. The skills she has given me will not only help me to inspire others but have given me a new focus and will help me to fund my next challenge, to run from the UK to Iraq. I can't thank her enough.”

Gunner Karl Hinett, Harry’s Mountain Heroes and UK Sporting Endeavour Award Winner, 2013

“Lily is a coach and supporter who keeps on giving. Not only has she expertly facilitated the conversion of my lifetime of management into a series of speeches and articles to help others but she has continuously supported me in the journey by following up, providing prompts and insightful help and making sure I achieve the goals I defined. She is a friend, confident and tutor who makes sure the job gets done.”

Kevin Gaskell, Global Explorer, Business Coach, Motivational Speaker

“Working with Lily was a breath of fresh air. A very clever lady with a clear and concise way of sharing the skills of her trade. She has an amazing talent for connecting with each person in a group and recognising their respective needs. Lily gave me the tools to structure my presentations and connect with my audiences which had a huge impact on the way I delivered my motivational talks. Very Impressive and highly recommend.”

Sean Rose, Speaker - Frontline/Fieri Motivational Talks , Winter Paralympian , World Champion

“Attending your excellent and thoroughly entertaining presentation workshop was a break through moment for me, for years I have been adamant that I cannot do public speaking. I can’t say enough about how great your work shop was, after which, I was able to go away and speak to my team with confidence. I then delivered a business growth presentation to a group of directors without notes! I now understand that I can and will talk in public without issue, which is really important to my company as we continue to grow and I take the opportunity to promote what we do. Cheers Lily, you are a life changing star!”

Amanda Ball - AD Sprinkler Protection Ltd

“Most people are filled with horror and dread when tasked to stand up and speak in front of a large number of people. Lily Newman provided our team with the training, experience and skill set to look beyond the nerves and to focus on what was important - delivering the best presentation we could muster.

"A team of four wounded servicemen, representing 'Frontline', had been chosen to present to a room full of businessmen in 'An Evening of Inspiration' at Lancashire County Cricket Club. Each of us has a story to tell post-wounding from climbing Everest, representing team GB at the Winter Olympics or reaching the North Pole. These were all amazing tales outright, but Lily helped us to craft these stories into entertaining, thought provoking and well delivered presentations that had the audience gasping, laughing and crying (at all the right moments, I might add) throughout the evening. If you want to deliver captivating speeches and presentations, book Lily – she’ll bring the best out of you.”

DM Wiseman, Harry’s Mountain Heroes

Lynn May

Motivational Workshops

“Lily’s workshop was a life changing experience for me. Through the sheer power of her words, her boundless energy and her infectious zest for life, she inspired me to reclaim the person I thought I had lost – myself. There is no greater gift that one person can give another and I shall never forget it - or Lily.”

Lynn May, MD of The M&M Partnership


"She's far too pretty and skinny. If she wasn't so ******* lovely, you'd have her put in a box. Seriously you can trust Lily to deliver the best. She's bloody brilliant at what she does.

Jo Brand, Comedian, Television Presenter, Author

“Lily Newman gave a 50 minute masterclass on motivation to my Forward Ladies networking group yesterday and it was so different and entertaining that the time sped by. I host around 50 events with speakers every year and Lily stood out with her passionate, informative style which kept the audience enthralled throughout the whole session. We have had some fantastic feedback. There is no finer feeling for an event organiser than to look around the room at the guests and see that they are totally enjoying the event that you have provided and this was my experience with Lily. The women who attended were from a complete cross section of industries and professions yet they were all motivated to improve some aspect of their lives and their common response was to tell me that Lily was inspirational. I would have no hesitation in recommending her for your conference or event or booking her again!”

Sue France, Forward Ladies


"I have worked with Lily for many years, initially as part of the Goldman Sachs Business Growth Programme and laterally as a facilitator for a High Growth Business Group. Lily brings a values led flexible, enjoyable and responsible approach to corporate learning. Her network of high quality specialist contacts is also huge and she always seems able to introduce you to an expert in whatever field you need. I have no hesitation is recommending Lily to support you in improving or growing your business or your team."

Robert Lomax, Liquid Roofing

“If you’d like to dramatically improve your leadership knowledge, skills and develop your team and business in a fun, cost-effective way, I recommend you give Morgan James Consulting and Lily a call!

"Firstly she diagnosed my natural leadership style, strengths and weaknesses. Based on that she developed a 12 month programme unique to myself, business and sector to help solve those recurrent issues and behaviours that were holding us back. To summarise it tackled all 3 agendas of leadership, strategic, emotional and behavioural. Linking them to our core purpose and through utilising positive, value building behaviours with the team, we’re building a positive team culture and driving the desired behavioural changes to accelerate our company’s performance.

"Lily’s also not afraid to get her hands dirty! She’s passionate and dedicated and has significantly helped us to improve our strategy and address specific team and business issues as they arose over the past year. She has helped us to look over the hill at long term growth and building a recruitment pipeline to identify the right candidates that are right for our culture and our growth intentions.

"Lily also has a wide repertoire of professional contacts, each a specialist in their own sector, from HR to Recruitment and KPI’s, she recommends the best people and digital products to help solve any specific issues you may be having and helps to supercharge your business. It’s been fun and I’ve learnt a lot whilst ensuring we’ve achieved our goals over the last 12 months, I couldn’t recommend Lily and her consultancy practice, Morgan James Consulting highly enough!”

Paul Baker, Director, Go-Physio Ltd

“Working with Lily has been truly inspiring, both from a personal and team perspective at Euprotec where she has provided one to one leadership coaching and team development workshops.  Lily has ‘laser-sights’ and a fantastic ability to get into companies and really understand the challenges that leaders and teams face.  Using a truly bespoke approach, she helps individuals remove their own blocks as well as breaking down barriers amongst teams and the results just keep coming in heaps.   She is razor-sharp, will challenge you like no other and the outcomes are first class.”

Lloyd Payne, Managing Director, Euprotec

“After receiving some challenging 360 degree feedback from colleagues and peers I wanted to become a better leader - a lofty and ambiguous target. My subsequent development work with Morgan James took me through the most challenging, relevant, and tailored training I have ever received with great results. If you are not willing to really challenge yourself, don't bother.  If you truly want to change, you will not only learn a lot about your untapped potential but you'll have fun doing it too.”

Michael Walsh, Director, Anglo Recycling.

 ".... Michael has taken the opportunity presented by stepping back from day-to-day people management to review his approach to coaching and mentoring others with the support of Morgan James.  The results have been startling and his positive influence on his colleagues has been impressive."

Simon Macaulay, Managing Director, Anglo Recycling

“Once you've spent 30 minutes with Lily, you'll find that she has an uncanny knack for finding your weak spots. I have learnt more about myself in just over a year of working with her than I did in the previous forty. I can say without fear of contradiction that as a leader and as a human being she has helped me discover how best to lead my team and manage myself. 'Team' is a small word with huge implications. Working with Lily to ensure that we connect; strategically, emotionally and behaviourally with my people, whilst working towards a common purpose, is what Lily and the Morgan James team do best. We are continuing to reap huge benefits.”

Graham Leese, Technical Director, Texweb

“Lily's approach to leadership coaching is both enlightening and refreshing. I previously held some very structured and inflexible models and felt the tools which Lily has equipped me with are more thorough, versatile and ultimately powerful for facilitating personal growth and change. I completely buy in to this and have utilised this way of working which focuses on thoughts, feelings, and behaviours in a deeply empathetic, appreciative and non-judgemental way. Lily is absolutely focused on results ad WILL significantly improve your approach to leadership and performance coaching.”

Garry Rogerson, Managing Director, Perpetual Engineering

"If you want the best coach/mentor/motivator for yourself and your business, then I would wholeheartedly recommend working with Lily Newman. Lily has the ability to see the path you are on and help you to unpick the route you need to take to get to where you really want to be. She then works 'with' you to steer you in the right direction. It takes a skilful coach to do this without being patronising, and Lily achieves this with ease."

Dr Gill Green, MD, Storm CIC

“Lily’s experience and approach to leadership and building stronger businesses has been invaluable through-out the delivery of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Programme. Having worked with her since the programme was launched here in 2011, I’ve really appreciated her energy, drive, focus and commitment to delivering outstanding results for the MDs that we work with. She has been insightful, innovative, challenging and passionate about helping them to deliver substantial and sustainable growth, from both a personal and a business perspective.”

Jonathan Lawson, Programme Director, 10 000 Small Businesses, The Faculty of Business and Law, MMU

“Working with Lily at Morgan James has put Nexus Point on a pathway that will help us achieve fantastic growth over the next 3 years. Her experience and personality make what can be a painful process actually become great fun! Our mission, vision, values, along with a process overhaul have now been implemented and a new understanding about what it is to be a leader has completely changed the way the business operates. I am confident her input will stand us in good stead for significant growth and profitability. I could not recommend using Lily more. Just do it!"

Chris Webb, Managing Director, Nexus Point

“Working with Lily has been really inspirational. She actually makes a difference to the way I think and act in business. Working with her has improved my skills as a leader. It’s also changed the way I engage with my team and help to develop their skills. The thing that has been the biggest surprise is how much fun I’ve had during the learning process. Lily is a great coach, very honest, helpful, full of life and fun. She puts so much time and effort into improving how we work on both a strategic, an emotional and an operational level. You can feel her passion for what she does. She makes you want to be your best and not let her down. I recommend her services to anyone who really wants to grow their business, their team or their own leadership skills.”

Zahida Chaudhary, Managing Director, Opti-Eye

“Morgan James Consulting developed an intensive and bespoke leadership strategy course to help us to move the business forwards and develop the skills of our leadership team. We cannot overstate the benefits that have come from it, and, in particular, Lily, who has brought transformation to our organisation. We have really got to grips with who we are, where we want to be and worked with her to plug the gaps that might have stopped us from getting there. She has really ignited our passion for what we do whilst increasing our ability to communicate, manage, improve our operational capability and make sure that everything that we do feeds into the strategy for growing a sustainable business of substance. Everything that we have done together can be translated in to instant, transformative benefits to us as individuals, as a team and as a company. We have no hesitation in recommending Morgan James to anyone wishing to develop as a management team, a corporate leader or as an individual who needs to re-focus on what’s important in their life.”

Simon Burgess, Managing Director, EcoVyn

"During the Novartis Business Partner Programme I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to be coached by Lily Newman. Her down to earth approach and refreshing way of looking at things were wonderful and I benefitted enormously from the sessions. Coaching isn't meant to give you black and white answers but it offers a very different lens through which to view situations. Lily expertly guided me through different scenarios and challenges that I am facing until I discovered the solution myself. Often, the answer was just under my nose and with Lily's unique skills I left each session energised and with a really positive outlook. I would highly recommend Lily to anyone who is looking for an insightful coach who has the ability to really get underneath the surface of your challenges and find simple answers to what we can sometimes perceive to be complex issues. She’s been fantastic."

Gabrielle Farrelly, Novartis Global Service Owner – Internet Services

Team Development and Executive Coaching

“We’ve been working with Morgan James for two years, during which time, the business has trebled in size and we are operating on a completely different level. The team has helped us to understand our strengths and truly play to them. We’ve built a culture of high performance, mutual support, openness and honesty and innovation under Morgan James’ guidance. They have challenged us to step out of our comfort zone and we now feel that we are the masters of our own destiny rather than at the whim of market forces. We are unrecognizable as a business compared to when we started on this journey and are looking forward to the next phase of our exciting journey with Lily and the team."

Alison Bowcott-McGrath, MD, Bo-Concepts

“….a fantastic opportunity to get out in the open countryside, look at my challenges from a different perspective and get everything on the table before returning to the office with much greater clarity of thought. Lily has a way of helping you to turn, what seem like complex challenges into simple and very effective actions. I learnt more about myself and improving my leadership style in a few of these sessions than I have in a lifetime – just brilliant!”

Greg Pepper, MD Greenway Pepper

Masterclasses and Keynote Speaker Engagements

“Lily delivered a masterclass in how to get our mission, vision and values off the paper and into the behaviours of our franchisees and their staff at our annual conference this year. We can't recommend Lily highly enough. Her presentation was inspiring, engaging, fun and informative with some extremely thought provoking and practical tips to help them all to build their businesses. She was absolutely brilliant!!"

Kathy, Founder, Rhythm Time Ltd

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