Tuesday Club Events for Women with “Get Up and Go!”

A Life Changing Email…..

Three years ago I received an email from a long-time friend, the motivational speaker Paul McGee that really challenged me. It asked, “How much time are you spending procrastinating and prevaricating? If you imagine your life to be a week, with maybe a bank holiday thrown in, when on Monday you’re aged 0 – 10, Tuesday you’re aged 10 – 20 and so on, what day are you actually on? And whatever day you’re on, what are you doing to make sure that today is the best day of your life?”

To say I was peed off was an understatement! At 45, how did I get to Friday lunchtime so quickly? Only two more sleepovers until retirement – how did that happen?! And then it dawned on me that, whilst physically I might be near the weekend, mentally, I was on a late Tuesday with all of my life before me and a real sense of excitement about what was to come. But a Tuesday mentality without action can be a dangerous thing. If you feel all of your life is before you and that your dreams can always be realised in the future, time can slip through your fingers so easily, until you find yourself sitting on a bank holiday Monday, wishing you’d done what you’d always dreamt of while you had the energy, the inclination and the good health to be able to.

Tuesday Club is Born

Runners celebratingAnd so, the idea for Tuesday Club was born. Tuesday Club people have a zest for life and set themselves new challenges every year. They don’t wait until their pensionable years to work through their bucket list, their bucket list is a part of their annual action plan - an opportunity to do something different, whether it be a creative or a physical challenge, a “feel the fear and do it anyway opportunity” to try something new!

What Will You Learn?

Tuesday Club Workshop Days have been created to give like-minded women the opportunity to:

  • Review the ‘Kick Start’ Plans that they developed during the “Get Up and Go!” Workshop and celebrate their successes
  • Share their challenges with other like-minded women and work together to develop strategies for overcoming their blocks to achievement
  • Increase self-awareness, confidence and influence in the work place and at home
  • Learn exciting new skills and reveal latent talents during the Tuesday Club Master-classes (see list below)

“I’ve never met such a genuine, lovely group of girls. I’m not great at meeting new people but, within minutes I felt like I was amongst friends. I love Tuesday Club - there’s no edge, no competitiveness, just pure fun and laughter”
Nicola Berg

“Tuesday Club is brilliant - a ‘place’ of total positivity. My 54 year old brain is fairly wired with negativity and I tend to reflect on the negative experiences in my life. Tuesday club has empowered me to rewire, and to dare to think positively and that a life which gives me an exciting future with a positive mind-set can actually be for me!”
Ruth McElroy, Director, Eye-Vet

Tuesday Club Master-classes (Women Only)

BellydancingEach Tuesday Club Master-class forms part of Morgan James’s ‘Cooking on Gas’ Days (the follow up events to ‘Get Up and Go’ Workshops) where you will:

  • Meet like-minded, goal-focused people
  • Review your motivational master plan and learn techniques for developing new ways of thinking and overcoming blocks to performance
  • Have an opportunity to ‘get away from it all’ and learn how to re-frame your challenges and create the future you really want
  • Learn new skills, develop new ideas and, most importantly, have fun!

Our next events are:

  1. ‘Taking The Fear Out of Public Speaking’ on 19th April 2016 at Cranage Hall, Cheshire – click here for ticket info/further details
  2. ‘Zip World Velocity in Snowdonia’ on 14th June 2016 – click here for ticket info/further details

Click on the link here to sign up for the North West Women's Conference and join us for our next Get Up and Go Masterclass where you can sign up for our Tuesday Club sessions!

Watch this space for new, exciting workshops in: Life drawing and textiles; circus skills and Thai Chi, Yoga or Salsa.

See one of my favourite motivational stories about a group of boys in Thailand achieving the seemingly unachievable. Here’s hoping that you have a productive, fluid, hassle free day!

Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.

Henry Ford