“The ability to learn is the most important quality a leader can have.”
-Padmasree Warrior (CEO & Founder, Fable)

In 2020 only 5% of Fortune 100 CEOs were women and there were more Fortune 1500 CEOs called David than women CEOs! In the 21st century so many women still believe they must be smarter, work harder and longer than their male counterparts in the hope of getting noticed or, they believe that to compete in a commercial environment and get the recognition they deserve, they have to grow a pair of (metaphorical) balls.

The Authentic Women Leaders Programme will help you to stand in your own strength, build your confidence and unveil a leadership style that connects with, engages and inspires others. Our team of (female) expert facilitators have over 100 years of collective experience of developing leaders in multi-nationals, hyper-growth SMEs, universities and not-for profits and know what it takes to lead others in a changing and often chaotic world.

This 7-month highly interactive blended learning programme will increase your self-awareness, give you the tools to achieve your life and business goals without destroy your health and mental well-being, leaving you inspired and energised to furrow your own path.

Authentic Women Leaders: Contact us to book now or download the synopsis to find out more.

The 7-month blended learning programme consists of the following modules:

  • Pre-Programme Diagnostic Session (online):
    You will complete a detailed online diagnostic to understand your authentic leadership style, your personal blocks and then set your programme goals during a pre-programme one hour session with one of our expert team.
  • Session 1 : The Authentic Woman Leader (Face to face – full day group session)
    A highly interactive day at our training venue in Stockport, Cheshire where you’ll meet your alumni, be introduced to the delivery team, find out more about yourself and define your leadership journey.
    Facilitators: Lily Newman and Elizabeth Soehren
  • Session 2: Who are you…really? (Face to face – ½ day session): Uncovering our deeper patterns and motivations (Face to face – ½ day session):
    Who am I? Exploring your self-concept, your values & beliefs and block busting!
    Facilitator: Elizabeth Soehren
  • Session 3: Shall we talk about the imposter in the room? (Face to face – ½ day session)
    A fun and informative imposter syndrome workshop addressing: What Imposter Syndrome is; Where it might come from; How to overcome it in 3 simple steps.
    Facilitators: Ngozi Weller and Dr Obehi Alofoje
  • Session 4: Time for Iron Underpants! (90-minute webinar)
    Execution is everything!  Know your wildly important goals and create an accountability structure to stay focused and on track.
    Facilitator: Dr Maeve Lankford
  • Session 5: Making connections and building positive, meaningful relationships in business and in life (Face to face – ½ day session)
    Who are the mood hoovers who drain your confidence? Who are the energisers who fill your cup? How to ditch the former and build your tribe of encouragers to enrich your life.
    Facilitator: Lily Newman
  • Session 6: The rules of engagement: Listen up, speak up and build your confidence (Face to face – ½ day session)
    Take the fear out of speaking and connecting – in any situation
    Facilitators: Elizabeth and Lily
  • Session 7: Managing Your Energy – Removing the cape and resisting the need to save the world! (90-minute webinar)
    Learn the essential resilience and self-care practices to enable you to be your best in any situation.
    Facilitator: Dr Maeve Lankford
  • Session 8: Powering up from a different source (Face to face – ½ day session)
    Exploring female archetypes and how to lead as a woman
    Facilitator: Elizabeth Soehren
  • Session 9: Going Deeper and Moving on Up! (Face to face – full day group session)
    Focusing on Radical Wellbeing and becoming a Healthy Deviant! Taking your leadership capability to the next level.
    Facilitators: Lily Newman and Elizabeth Soehren

Who is it for?

Authentic Women Leaders is for women who feel held back (either by their own life limiting scripts or by the behaviours of others) and would like to build their confidence and capability as a leader. You might be:

  • A business or community leader who wants to take your business or cause to the next level.
  • A fantastic leader who has a ‘superwoman’ default and is exhausted by the inability to say ‘no.’
  • A role model for other women or girls who would like to build your capability whilst nurturing the leadership potential in others.
  • A middle or senior manager who wants to develop the tools to break through to the next level in business.
  • Someone who struggles with decision making and self-belief and wants to make some significant changes to her life.

“The perfect balance of education and inspiration. Elizabeth’s session on Emotional Intelligence was equally fabulous and has already helped me today. The perceptual positioning exercise was timely and invaluable and has already given me success with a member of my team today! Thank you to you two wonderful ladies (Elizabeth and Lily) and your fantastic team. I’m thrilled to be learning from you as I move through this stage of my professional journey.”

Diana Maccarthy, Director, Social


You will never get a ‘cookie-cutter’ course from us. At Morgan James Consulting, we will always find out exactly what issues you are facing and make sure we create a tailored and bespoke programme just for you.
We are incredibly proud to work with a global network of experts in a wide range of fields. Every expert has been handpicked by us to ensure we are delivering high standard, compelling and effective programmes.
We recognise change can be difficult, so our team are always on hand to support you through the process and to challenge you as you stretch and grow. Our aim is for you grow in confidence, tear up any life-limiting scripts that are blocking your performance and truly live up to your full potential!


HilltopFinance Logo
The structure of the Effective Managers Programme delivered by Morgan James has helped me to be conscious of my behaviours, given me lots of ideas to take away to implement within my team and the business. I feel much more confident now around making decisions, dealing with difficult conversations and I’ve really become more conscious around my delegation skills, something I need to keep developing as my team and the business grows.
_Hayley Kenyon DipPFS,Head of Wealth Management, Hilltop Finance
Strategic Leaders should be mandatory for every emerging leader. Under the exceptional tutorage of Lily Newman and her team of highly skilled and devoted associates, the level, diversity and depth of, not just theory, but supervised practical application of all the elements required to be an effective leader is unsurpassed. Over the course duration, you experience a greater sense of self, whilst building a lifelong bond with other leaders on the course from various backgrounds and experiences. The course has transformed our thinking, actions and outcomes, to which much of our future shall be in part determined by what we learnt here today.
_Jay Allen,Founder, My True North
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I thoroughly enjoyed the Effective Managers Programme with Morgan James Consulting. It was engaging, thought provoking, and has helped me in my management of myself and others. I learnt a lot regarding delegation and dealing with difficult conversations with team members. Being relatively new to managing people, I found the training invaluable.

_Ed Robinson,Associate, Civic Engineers

My work with Lily was truly beneficial giving me time, space, and a brilliant coach, to help me reflect on what was important in my life and work. Lily pushed me to consider issues which were uncomfortable at times but which I needed to address – and to reflect on my skills and talents and how I was applying them. Overall, it has a great experience.

_Simon Nokes,Executive Director Policy & Strategy, GMCA
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JDA have been fortunate enough to be involved in one of Morgan James Growth Group for the last 12 months – it has been transformational. Whilst a change of mindset is required to open up to a group of people outside of your business, once there the sessions become hugely beneficial not only to me as a Director but to the company as a whole. Rarely are you held to account in such a supportive and positive way but with an excellent chair in Lily herself. The sessions combine the best practice of some key note speakers with the open and inclusive personal sessions that set the tone for JDA’s future growth.

_Rob Henderson,Director, JDA Architects
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I have worked with Lily for 5 years following the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Growth Programme, where Lily was one of the executive associates delivering the leadership elements of the course. Following the brilliant programme, a handful of business owners wanted to continue our development and hold ourselves accountable to the plans we’d put in place. Lily developed and delivers a Growth Springboard Group which has been the perfect vehicle in which we continue our development as business leaders, in an open, trusting and challenging environment – it provides the environment in which you can push yourselves with respected peers and an even better coach. Without this group, I have no doubt at all, urbanbubble would not succeeded in growing its revenue base X 10 and becoming a national provider in what we do.

_Michael Howard,Managing Director, Urban Bubble
The Social

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed yesterday’s session. This was a real ‘gestalt moment’ of a day for me yesterday. Peter’s landing of his session on corporate governance was absolutely spot on. The perfect balance of education and inspiration. Elizabeth’s session on Emotional Intelligence was equally fabulous and has already helped me today. The perceptual positioning exercise was timely and invaluable and has already given me success with a member of my team today! Thank you to you two wonderful ladies (Elizabeth and Lily) and your fantastic team. I’m thrilled to be learning from you as I move through this stage of my professional journey.

_Diana MacCarthy,Director, Social

I just want to thank you wholeheartedly for the support you’ve given me over the past 9 months. I really feel like I have a much rounder understanding of who I am as a leader and have learnt so many techniques for improving my ability to consider and involve others. You have played an instrumental part in supporting me through a particularly challenging time and have helped me to develop a level of resilience I never thought possible. I genuinely believe my sessions with you have played a huge part in getting me through one of the toughest experiences in my career. You have such an ability to re-focus and help me to step outside the situation and see things so much more clearly. Lily, you truly are a wonderful coach and human being!

_Senior Manager,Innovative Alliance

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Lily as part of the syllabus of the Goldman Sachs 10KSB course covering Leadership, People and Growth.  The tools, guidance and insight she provided changed my game and improved my skills in these areas no-end, it has also helped develop the skills of other people within our business. It has given us absolute clarity on what we needed to do to build our business around our people and given us the ability to grow the great culture we had even further. From the very start I just felt that Lily was genuine, her style is truly engaging and her techniques and style keep you engaged and smiling throughout.

_Philip Marsden,Director, Vetrix
The Social

I graduated from her Strategic Leaders Programme last year and have absolutely loved every second of it. It’s definitely provided me with exactly what I needed - the perfect balance between support and challenge. The thing that makes this course stand out from the rest is everything is geared towards the practical application of the leadership learning back into your business. As a result, we’ve re-branded, re-structured and have a new strategy that has underpinned our growth and success over the past 18 months. If you’re considering investing in this course I would say ‘do it!’ ... I know it’s an investment you won’t regret.

_John Quinton-Barber,CEO, Social

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