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Lily Newman & #CakesofKindness featured in Northwich Guardian

In a recent article on their website the Northwich Guardian has featured Morgan James Consulting owner, Lily Newman, for her work with the #CakesofKindness campaign in support of Act4Africa.

Here is a snippet from the feature,

Lily Newman Interview with Steve Bindley from Media 1 Productions

In the first video in a new string of interviews by Lily Newman. The man with the honour of kicking off the series is Steve Bindley of Media 1 Productions. Watch the video in full below:

Catalyst – Leadership for the 21st Century

News Update from Morgan James Consulting

The One Consistent that Will Get Us Through the Challenges of These Extraordinary Times, is Our Ability to Both Respond to and Drive Change

Welcome to the

Lily Talks #CakesofKindness

Lily Newman talks about running businesses in the age of lockdown, how to take control of your mood and reduce anxiety and, invites you to get involved in her 10,000 #CakesofKindness Campaign. If you want to find out more,

Leadership in the face of Covid-19: A Matter of Life and Death?

By our Senior Leadership and Change Consultant, Michael Newman

Who do we try to save and who do we let die? The dilemma has
become familiar in stories from intensive care units on the Covid-19 frontline.

Gearing Back Up for Business? You Need a Detailed Plan says our HR Expert, Karen Knight

With Boris Johnson pledging to give us his government’s latest thinking on ‘life after lockdown’ by the end of the week, now is the time for business leaders to plan and implement changes necessary to protect staff and reduce

If you only have one thing to share in 2020, let it be kindness…..

It’s been an amazing year at Morgan James Consulting. New programmes, new clients, new associates, new territories covered – quite how Rachel has kept on top of everything I will never know? Luckily she regularly empties my brain, puts

In Defence of Millennials!

“Millennials: why are they the worst?” is the provocative title of Kelly Williams-Brown’s TEDex Talk, (which, by the way, is really worth a view). For those of you who saw Simon Sinek’s interview on Millennials, whilst describing an amusing

People Analytics Reveals Three Things HR Might Be Getting Wrong

I thought I would share this interesting article in McKinsey that, in some ways aligns itself with the teachings of Dan Ariely and Dan Pink (check out their TED talks on What makes people feel good about their work and The Surprising Truth Beyond

Want to unclog your life? – A Lesson from the CEO and co-founder of Superdry

Imagine what life would be like if we never received or responded to an email, if we didn’t face the demands of Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, SLACK, Twitter, Whatsapp et al? How much more time would you have in your