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Act4Africa 20th Anniversary

Our Managing Director Lily Newman had the pleasure of speaking at Act4Africa’s Virtual 20th Anniversary Event, a charity she is a passionate supporter of. The event was a wonderful celebration with the Ugandan team joining in on Zoom and

Press Red feature in The Mirror

Our thanks to Jess Taylor and The Mirror for allowing Lily share the story of her cousin Ziggi’s murder 20-years ago, helping us to raise awareness of this issue so that we can #BreaktheSilence to #StoptheViolence.

This is all

Local businesses partner to produce campaign raising awareness of violence against women

Three businesses based in the North Midlands and North West have come together to produce a series of films to support the activity of Press Red, a Christian charitable organisation educating, equipping and empowering on the issues of violence

The Legacy of a Leader – Lily Newman on Partner Up! with Amy Carroll

Last week Lily features as the main guest on the popular Voice Amercia talk radio show, Partner Up! with Amy Carroll. Here’s what Amy had to say about the episode.

“Lily is passionate about empowering women

Value Building Behaviours

Value Building Behaviours

Introducing our 8 Value Building Behaviours – one of the bedrocks of our leadership philosophy at Morgan James Consulting.

Our eight value building behaviours are a proven method for generating

Rishi won’t answer my phone calls!

Why the Budget should only command so much of your attention.

You can’t change the Budget.

I’m sorry to say but that’s the reality of it. Unless you do have a direct line

Ready, Set Go!

How to Reignite Your Energy to Rebuild Your Post Covid Business

I recently read and shared a HBR article called How to Lead When Your Team is Exhausted and You are too. It really resonated with

In The Hot Seat with Linda Barrowclough

Rebuilding Business with Chris Brindley – Part 5

Rebuilding Business with Chris Brindley – Part 4

Rebuilding Business with Chris Brindley – Part 3

Rebuilding Business with Chris Brindley – Part 2

Rebuilding Business with Chris Brindley – Part 1

In The Hot Seat with Richard Barnes

New video interview up with Richard Barnes, watch it below or direct on YouTube.

Have you found your Flow? That’s the name we give to that place where individuals and teams are ‘in the zone’, ‘in

10 top tips on how to build resilience and get noticed…for all the right reasons

By Paul Reynolds Program Director

“Remember this, nobody is thinking about you.”

Sounds harsh?Read on.

The pandemic of 2020 brought new challenges to the world of work. Many people

How does the quality of your customer service stack up against your competition’s?

What’s your worst experience of customer service? I’d be interested to hear of your experiences.I’m sorry to say that mine was at the hands of Tesco – three times in a fortnight and, although my experience was over 10

Take control of your thinking to reduce stress and build your resilience.

By Lily Newman and Nicola Jackson

“The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another” – William James

It’s quite strange reflecting on looking forward to Christmas and

Rebuilding Business with Roy Newey

Lily’s special guest ‘In the Hotseat’ today is Roy Newey, a torchbearer for the poor, a trailblazer in the field of global education, an exceptional keynote speaker and an author who has served

Rebuilding Business with Jay Allen | Part 5

Rebuilding Business with Jay Allen | Part 5

Rebuilding Business with Jay Allen | Part 4

Rebuilding Business with Jay Allen | Part 4