Urban Bubble
Michael Howard
Managing Director, Urban Bubble
In the time we’ve worked with Lily our business has grown 45% year on year

I met Lily at the Goldman Sachs 10K Small Businesses course in 2015 and her ability to infuse energy and passion into delivering her subject area was infectious. Her expertise is also in the most important areas I knew we had to focus on as a business – leadership and organisational culture. I continued my learning journey with her through her Growth Springboard Program, joining 5 other likeminded MDs to ensure that we didn’t fall back into bad habits or lose the momentum created by GS10KSB. We continue to meet with Lily for facilitated Springboard days 6 times a year in order to provide each other with support and unpick the challenges that come from hyper-growth. Lily subsequently became a Non-Exec Director in my business 3 years ago with an objective to ensure our new ‘Board’ / SLT functioned effectively and became an autonomous decision making authority for the business that didn’t always rely on me, the MD, to call the shots. We have not only achieved this through Lily’s ability to help us to get good at ‘challenge’ as well as ‘support’  but also by providing executive coaching for me and my team. Lily and her team continue to provide structure, dedicated learning and innovation through annual away days, bespoke learning and management programmes and other extensive support to our business. In the time we’ve worked with Lily our business has grown 45% yoy, from £1m t/o to run rate of £10m this year (2020), employing 220 staff. We have plans to continue this growth level for another 3 to 4 years, then it MUST slow!! Throughout it all, Lily has been essential to us as a growing, maturing and confident leadership team, working together effectively, whilst coaching us individually to deliver and be our best.