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Founder, Rhythm Time Ltd.
Lily delivered a masterclass in how to get our mission, vision and values off the paper and into the behaviours of our franchisees and their staff at our annual conference this year. We can’t recommend Lily highly enough.  Her presentation was inspiring, engaging, fun and informative with some extremely thought provoking and practical tips to help them all to build their businesses. She was absolutely brilliant!
Neil Holland
Managing Director - Concert Networks
Growth Springboard is a fantastic continuation on from Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses course – hugely beneficial in building stronger relationships post course and providing a structured, positive, motivational environment. One of the key benefits has been having the time to review and implement the myriad of good ideas from the course on an ongoing basis in a realistic timeframe.
Mandy Powell
Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship Programme Delegate, The Faculty of Business and Law, MMU
Thank you again for yet another dynamic, enjoyable and memorable learning experience. In some respects, learning only conveys a small amount of what emanates from a day in your presence.  Anyone who thinks they are embarking on a training course are up for a real awakening, literally! The sincerity with which you deliver your sessions, allows for shedding of the old and embedding of the new with equal measure.  I’m truly unsure if you honestly know the depths to which you inspire others and hope there is a place where you too, get the ‘Lily Experience’. Thank you again, for your spirit and choosing to share it.  
Michael Walsh
Director, Anglo Recycling
After receiving some challenging 360-degree feedback from colleagues and peers I wanted to become a better leader – a lofty and ambiguous target. My subsequent development work with Morgan James took me through the most challenging, relevant, and tailored training I have ever received with great results. If you are not willing to really challenge yourself, don’t bother. If you truly want to change, you will not only learn a lot about your untapped potential, but you’ll have fun doing it too.
Michelle Rathore
International Bestselling Author
I would never have dreamed that spending such a short amount of time with one other human being could absolutely change my life for the better – forever! Lily was able to bring me out of my fears, structure my information in a way I could present it clearly – fearlessly – with the brilliance and shine once thought only reserved for the well-oiled professional. Lily brought me up to speed, polished me and reinforced techniques that made me realize I really was going to be okay with my nemesis – public speaking. Her total belief in me gave me the courage to be who I was all along. Thank you, Lily!
DM Wiseman
Harry’s Mountain Heroes
A team of four wounded servicemen, representing ‘Frontline’, had been chosen to present to a room full of businessmen in ‘An Evening of Inspiration’ at Lancashire County Cricket Club. Each of us has a story to tell post-wounding from climbing Everest, representing team GB at the Winter Olympics or reaching the North Pole. These were all amazing tales outright, but Lily helped us to craft these stories into entertaining, thought provoking and well delivered presentations that had the audience gasping, laughing and crying (at all the right moments, I might add) throughout the evening. If you want to deliver captivating speeches and presentations, book Lily – she’ll bring the best out of you.”
Sean Egan
Managing Director, The DES Group
I want to personally thank you and Morgan James for assisting our business in current and future strategic planning activities. Your personal business insight is refreshing, extremely candid, and inspiring. I really appreciate it when a consultancy can guide us down a path we never saw before. Your passion for what you do is obvious in every call, meeting and email. I feel like you are one of the most important parts of the team and that makes all the difference.
Michelle Haliwell
Managing Director, Colour In Media
Attending Morgan James’ Strategic Leadership Programme has given me the tools and inspiration to equip me to make a real impact on my company. Whether you are newly appointed director or an MD who is looking for a fresh perspective, I would highly recommend this programme!
Gabrielle Farrelly
NBS IT Global Service Owner – Internet Services Novartis
It has been a pleasure to work with my Executive Coach, Lily, over the past 5 months. Her down to earth approach and refreshing way of looking at things were wonderful and I’ve benefitted enormously from the sessions. Coaching isn’t meant to give you black and white answers but it offers a very different lens through which to view situations. Lily has expertly guided me through different scenarios until I have managed to unveil the solutions to business and team issues myself. Often, the answer was just under my nose and with Lily’s unique skills I’ve left each session energised and with a really positive outlook. Her expertise and experience has truly helped me to become a better leader.