Jo Brand
Comedian, Television Presenter, Author

She’s far too pretty and skinny. If she wasn’t so ******* lovely, you’d have her put in a box. Seriously you can trust Lily to deliver the best. She’s bloody brilliant at what she does.

Rob Lomax

Lily was delivering the leadership elements of the Goldman Sachs 10KSB programme when I met her. Consequently, when I graduated, along with others on the cohort, Lily offered us a continued learning experience via her ‘Growth Springboard’ Program.

Three years on, myself and 5 other business leaders meet regularly, share our challenges (and solutions) and study best business practice, all facilitated by Lily. She is knowledgeable, challenging and has access to a myriad of business experts who support her in delivering Growth Springboard. Being part of this group has had a huge impact on my business and has given me exactly what I need, particularly during tough times. If you’re a business owner or a Managing Director and would like to make your business more enjoyable and more successful, I totally recommend you speak to Lily about joining a Growth Springboard Group.

Punk Takiar
CEO, Luxome

We have been working with Lily on the Growth Springboard Program for almost 3 years now. We are a group of 6 business owners who all challenge & support each-other, and hold each-other accountable…thus preventing us from falling back into our comfort zones after the Goldman Sachs 10KSB course. We trust each-other implicitly & all feel that this is an essential part of our business…highly recommended!

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Andrea Alexander

I cannot praise the Step into Management course highly enough. Excellent coaches, delivery and content which challenges and inspires you to reflect and develop. Building on skills you already possess and nurturing skills that are newly acquired. Application of these skills is key and the activities set beyond the sessions take you outside your comfort zone, motivating you and ensuring continuous personal development, whilst growing and involving your team. Fantastic!

Stewart Bryce
Wartsila Valves

Paul has an amazing (sic) ability to make people around him feel immediately comfortable and relaxed> I have never been on a course that’s kept me engaged for more than an hour, but Paul’s delivery enables me to hold concentration, pay attention and learn in every session. If only I’d had teachers like him at school.

Seven Architecture

Paul’s a wonderfully engaging teacher. I’m getting so much out of this course and doing it with colleagues means we’re aligning our thinking which is the key to success of leading our business as a team.

Rob Henderson
MD, JDA Architects

JDA have seen a huge difference in the organisation since forming our partnership with Morgan James. At every level, they have delivered measurable improvements in our culture and our approach, resulting in the whole team pulling in the same direction and being fully engaged with the business strategy.

We now default to Morgan James for a wide range of programmes from the Growth Springboard and Strategic Leaders through to specific streams of work on Culture and Communication which have been delivered to the entire team.

What we have found most valuable is the relatable personalities of the whole Morgan James team and how they manage to embed themselves into JDA.  Too often management consultants talk in riddles and acronyms but not here – their friendly and knowledgeable staff can communicate beautifully at all levels to demonstrate the benefits of their work to both the individual and the collective.

We feel that they have added a massive amount in developing our brand and our approach to business as we evolve in to a truly Values led practice.

Thanks for all you do guys – you are truly fantastic.

Urban Bubble
Michael Howard
Managing Director, Urban Bubble

I met Lily at the Goldman Sachs 10K Small Businesses course in 2015 and her ability to infuse energy and passion into delivering her subject area was infectious. Her expertise is also in the most important areas I knew we had to focus on as a business – leadership and organisational culture. I continued my learning journey with her through her Growth Springboard Program, joining 5 other likeminded MDs to ensure that we didn’t fall back into bad habits or lose the momentum created by GS10KSB. We continue to meet with Lily for facilitated Springboard days 6 times a year in order to provide each other with support and unpick the challenges that come from hyper-growth.

Lily subsequently became a Non-Exec Director in my business 3 years ago with an objective to ensure our new ‘Board’ / SLT functioned effectively and became an autonomous decision making authority for the business that didn’t always rely on me, the MD, to call the shots. We have not only achieved this through Lily’s ability to help us to get good at ‘challenge’ as well as ‘support’  but also by providing executive coaching for me and my team. Lily and her team continue to provide structure, dedicated learning and innovation through annual away days, bespoke learning and management programmes and other extensive support to our business.

In the time we’ve worked with Lily our business has grown 45% yoy, from £1m t/o to run rate of £10m this year (2020), employing 220 staff. We have plans to continue this growth level for another 3 to 4 years, then it MUST slow!! Throughout it all, Lily has been essential to us as a growing, maturing and confident leadership team, working together effectively, whilst coaching us individually to deliver and be our best.

Rythm Time Logo
Founder, Rhythm Time Ltd.

Lily delivered a masterclass in how to get our mission, vision and values off the paper and into the behaviours of our franchisees and their staff at our annual conference this year. We can’t recommend Lily highly enough.  Her presentation was inspiring, engaging, fun and informative with some extremely thought provoking and practical tips to help them all to build their businesses. She was absolutely brilliant!

Neil Holland
Managing Director - Concert Networks

Growth Springboard is a fantastic continuation on from Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses course – hugely beneficial in building stronger relationships post course and providing a structured, positive, motivational environment. One of the key benefits has been having the time to review and implement the myriad of good ideas from the course on an ongoing basis in a realistic timeframe.