Stephanie Davies

Behavioural Psychologist
Over the past two decades Stephanie has gained an unsurpassed reputation for designing and delivering interventions for top-performing teams in various settings, and is recognised as one of the UK’s leading voices in happiness and engagement in organisations. She is one of the nations most talked about communications consultants, specialising in the psychology of humour and motivation. She has worked on innovative projects and events in the private and public sector. Stephanie’s creative and rounded approach to: engagement, creating the right culture, happiness at work, continued development, culture change and customer loyalty, drives success not only with the organisations she works with, but at Morgan James Consulting too. Stephanie’s unique combination as an award-winning stand-up comedian and her expertise and knowledge in psychology and business, makes her one of the most sought-after speakers on the business and after-dinner circuit.  She also uses her knowledge to provide consultancy programmes for some of the top exec teams in the country, working with well-known blue-chip organisations and government parties. In 2016 Stephanie was invited to the International Positive Psychology and Education conference in Dallas to speak alongside Dr Martin Seligman and Sean Achor. On top of her busy schedule, Stephanie is often asked to contribute to popular television programmes, and is renowned as ITN News’ expert in humour, happiness and health. She regularly contributes to BBC’s Heaven & Earth and is a regular on BBC Radio.  Her book ‘Laughology, The Science of Laughter to Improve Your Life’ has received excellent reviews on Amazon and The Guardian book site.

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